About Me

Why is it that we do things like we do? Have you ever tried to gaze deep within your soul and figure out what really makes you tick? When was the last time you asked the question, “Who Am I”? Humans have the capacity to form thoughts and make choices out of free will, and while we use our abilities to judge others and form opinions of why they do what they do, we are often at loss trying to “know thyself”.

Psychologists have for long engaged in figuring out what motivates our behavior, why we see things the way we do, what makes something good and evil, the role society has to play in defining an individual’s core characteristics, and they have made considerable strides in lifting the veil of certain mysteries. Not only is the realm of psychology interesting and thought provoking but also replete with surprising truths on human nature.

Yes, we may consider ourselves individuals but deep down, we are all 99.9% identical in terms of genetic composition and therefore our instincts. It is only the 0.01% that differentiates us. Add to this the environment and our surrounding that brings out differences. Come learn what you are capable of, which you thought you never could be.