We’re Easily Corrupted By Power

Power blinds us, this is a common adage we hear all the time but how true is that? According to psychologists, it is in human nature to act with disrespect and a sense of entitlement towards those who do not have the same or higher power than you do.

In a recent journal published in the Psychology Review, students were divided into groups, each containing three and they had to complete a short paper as a team. Only two of the students were told to write while the third simply had to evaluate and figure out how much to pay each student based on his assessment. Right in the middle of the assessment, a researcher would bring a plate of five cookies. While the last cookie was never really eaten, the “boss” – individual evaluating and deciding the pay, always ended up eating the fourth cookie, most of the time with his mouth open and sloppy

In any psychological experiment, whenever researchers have given power to participants, they feel more inclined to physically inappropriate contact, flirting out in the open, taking risky decisions and gambling too not just with negotiations but with simple things too.