Just One Thing Can Make Us Happy

Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it? This revelation comes from a 75 year old study conducted by Harvard Grant. Nearly 268 males at the start of the study were selected from a Harvard undergraduate class of 1938 to 40. The study went on for 75 years, collecting various data on several aspects of their long lives. The ultimate conclusion of this study was that love is all that really matters at the end, especially when it comes to determining life satisfaction and overall happiness.

George Vaillant, the director of this study for quite some time says that the first key requirement to be happy in the long run is Love. The other is to find some way to cope with life, without pushing out love. He states the example of one participant who at the beginning of the study had the lowest probability of a stable future, and he also attempted suicide right before enrolling in the study. Towards, the end of his life though, he was among the happiest of the lot. The answer was because he kept searching all his life for love!

So, all those love stories are indeed true when they show that love is all that matters. If you survive till a ripe old age, you will be happier if you have been open in love and always ready to love or seek love.

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